20 Most Promising HPC Solution Providers - 2016

The need for high-performance computing has long been limited to scientists and engineers. Today, the infusion of technological trends such as cloud and Big Data is bringing the power of HPC systems more into the enterprise. HPC empowers the user with a competitive edge in modeling and manipulating a product or process in swift manner to discern the outcome before the decisions are made.

With a multitude of business applications—from system testing to oil exploration to weather prediction, HPC enables the stakeholders to accurately carry out compute-intensive analytics operations in minutes. When implemented correctly, it can reduce prototyping costs and speed up product development cycles within enterprises. Vendors have so far sensed these potential benefits of HPC technology and are now leveraging their expertise and experience to entice the customers with a bucket of offerings.

 To assist CIOs in navigating the HPC landscape, CIO Review is presenting to you a special edition on HPC Solution Providers. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including CIO Review editorial board has selected the ‘20 most promising HPC Solution Providers 2016‘.

 The selection panel has evaluated the capabilities of these vendors to support the core business processes while tackling challenges in the HPC arena.

 We present to you CIO Review’s 20 most promising HPC Solution Providers 2016.

Top High Performance Computing Companies

Provider of software-defined all-flash arrays that resolve the storage I/O bottleneck for high performance computing applications

Argo Graphics provides HPC, PLM and server solutions coupled with customer value-added services

Provides real-time analytics research and development framework for HPC and big data solutions

Provider of high quality services in the field of High Performance Computing and Code Optimization

Provides customized solutions to solve common data management struggles in High Performance Computing

Provides solutions to critical challenges facing the nation and the world

A provider of fiber optic components and subsystems that enable highspeed voice, video and data communication for networking, storage and wireless applications

Delivers the performance and flexibility of many core processors for realtime intensive computing applications

Architects, delivers and supports custom, turn-key HPC solutions to customer who need HPC solutions for the most demanding computing workloads

TempoQuest is in the process of developing unique software, which will deliver next-generation weather forecasts to commercial users and government agencies


Providing cloud-based accelerated genomics platform to enable fast diagnosis in research and clinical labs

Core Hive

Enhancing delivery of HPC infrastructures with state-of-the-art solutions across a variety of industries and technologies


A high performance computing engine built to solve complex computations

HPC Links

Specializes in parallel programming and parallel application software development for high performance computing and multi-core solutions

International Computer Concepts

Developing robust high performance computing clusters and solutions for innovative research fields

Maxeler Technologies

Maxeler Technologies is a leading provider of dataflow computing platforms, solutions, and appliances


Provider of cloud-based High Performance Computing infrastructure and applications to run bigger and more complex jobs


Provider of secure, customizable HPC along with highly powerful simulation platforms and and hardware infrastructure


A high performance computing as a service for engineers, scientists, and researchers to rapidly scale up their processing power, while reducing costs at the same time


Provider of cross-platform management services for high performance computing industry