Sage Microelectronic: Fostering Performance and Security in Computing

Jerome Luo, CEO
Recently, Sage Microelectronics Corp., a start-up company focusing on Computer Peripheral and Data Storage controllers, and Data Security ICs, got its new round funding closed at $35 million USD. This will gear up its schedule in developing enterprise storage controller solutions. Headquartered in Hangzhou China and having its R&D center in Silicon Valley, California, Sage Microelectronic ships its products around the world for consumer applications that include digital cameras, mobile phones, personal computers, as well as for communication systems such as industrial control and cloud storage.

The advent of solid-state drivers (SSDs) came as a breakthrough in high-performance computing (HPC), owing to their form factor and data processing speeds. In this digitized world, SSDs have radically transformed the HPC landscape across the globe and have triggered a significant boost in the efficiency of modern computers all the while reducing their bulk. Nevertheless, the high-costs and security vulnerabilities of SSDs are critical issues that enterprises seek to ward off altogether. Backed by its years of experience in the semiconductor industry and ‘core controller technology,’ Sage Microelectronic offers affordable storage solutions and data controllers to enhance the speed and performance of supercomputers for its clients. “Our extensive industry knowledge and expertise allow us to deliver quality SSDs and data controllers with superior customer support,” states Jianjun Luo (Jerome Luo), CEO of Sage Microelectronic. For example, the company is researching its new Error Correction Coding (ECC) algorithm for QLC flash memory chips considering the limitations in the current LDPC algorithm.

Sage Microelectronic features three core interfaces for delivering high-speed and large storage capacity; one is USB3.0/USB3.1 with up to 10Gb/s transfer rate, the second one is a series bus interface covering SATA and SAS while the third one is PCIE bus with 3rd and 4th generation interface having up to 16Gb/s per Lane. These modules are specifically designed for system integrators requiring both high speed and high-density storage space without the latency of bus protocol interpretation or the power consumption of serial bus.

Our storage controllers are compatible with most of the existing operating systems and ensures high capacity, great performance, and improved security

Taking advantage of its core controller and NAND flash memory technology, Sage Microelectronic’s experienced team can design customized multi-partition drives, secured drives, or ‘irregular form-factor drives’ as per client requirements. The company also features a range of advanced bridge controllers, SATA SSD controllers, PCIe SSD controllers, USB controllers, and other controllers to provide affordable and efficient solutions for its clients. Sage Microelectronics provides controllers for memory cards (SD/MMC), SSD units with unique security functions with embedded data encryption/decryption hardware engines. With the new round funding, the company will enhance its R&D strength and explore in the field of big data storage controllers, such as Redundant Array of Independant Disk (RAID) controllers and port-multiplier controllers. Those chips are much complicated compared with normal commercial memory card or SSD controllers, and popularly applied in big data systems. “Our Integrated Circuits (ICs) are compatible with most of the existing operating systems and ensures high capacity, great performance, and improved security,” adds Luo.

Although a young startup, Sage Microelectronic treads fast in the market, designing, developing, and delivering high-quality SSDs, data controllers, and other storage devices to organizations around the world. The company looks forward to leveraging the latest PCIe Gen4 data transfer bus into its solution stack, in orderto beef up the speed and performance of its enterprise-level SSD controllers and data controllers. “Sage Microelectronic plans to partner with ‘bigger system level companies’ and deliver reliable PCIe interface and superior PCIe Gen4 performance for clients in the future,” concludes Luo.

Sage Microelectronic

Campbell, CA

Jerome Luo, CEO

A leading semiconductor company providing secure SSDs and controller solutions for digital storage and data security applications

Sage Microelectronic