Cognilytics: An Enterprise Class Advanced Analytics Platform

Gary Gauba, Chairman & CEO
Big data technologies have matured to a point where more organizations are preparing to pilot data as a core component of their information management and analytics infrastructure. However, these organizations still face challenges to derive value out of the increasing volumes of business and operations data. In addition, there is a need to get broader access to analytics tools for end-users, as the existing tools are incapable of providing easily understandable information. “Most of the analytics tools available in the market today do not provide the necessary predictive capabilities in order to transform data into meaningful business insights,” reveals Gary Gauba, Chairman and CEO, Cognilytics. On a mission to help enterprises address these problems, Cognilytics brings Big Data and advanced analytics techniques that help companies find key insights and trends within their data.

Cognilytics assists their customers by ‘monetizing’ their data as a strategic asset. In addition, Cognilytics provides a unique combination of Big Data and applied industry expertise. They leverage their innovative data-to-decision methodology to provide business insights. This methodology utilizes a combination of advanced decision science, robust data management and cutting edge visualization techniques. “Our deep data experience provides the depth and breadth necessary to assist executives with the design and execution of their data strategy,” says Gauba. Also, Cognilytics has deep data expertise that they leverage to assess client’s existing data platforms, including traditional data warehouses and data marts, modern big data platforms, and the supporting applications that drive operations and services. “At Cognilytics, we guide our clients and their associated data architectures to the maturity necessary to support an agile data environment that provides direct impact to their business,” he adds.

Cognilytics’s Big Data practice focuses on driving data accuracy, governance, and security for our clients in order to maximize the value that our clients receive from their data.“Our approach to Data Platform Strategy is based on our best practices as well as strategic Big Data partnerships that we have developed,” says the West Virginia grad. For instance, Cognilytics advanced predictive analytics platform, Decision Analyzer, leverages a robust Hadoop foundation in order to provided high-performance predictive model execution and management. The high-performance distributed compute platform of Decision Analyzer handles both the Big Data problem domains as well as the extreme compute requirements of cutting-edge machine learning models. The solution gives full transparency and audit capabilities to satisfy the demands of external and internal regulators. Decision Analyzer is leveraged as an integral tool to solve various challenges within the financial services industry including institution stress testing, reserve planning, and portfolio risk analysis and valuation across a variety of asset classes. The end-to-end platform manages the execution of predictive models in a locked-down auditable environment. “The platform has the ability to create scenarios, run predictive models under a range of assumptions, and perform “what if” and sensitivity analysis,” says Gauba.

In addition to Decision Analyzer, Cognilytics also develops a product called Model Controller. Model Controller allows an organization to centralize their model management and production tasks.

Our Data-to-Decision experience provides the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to assist executives with the design and execution of their Big Data and Analytics strategies

The platform manages models written on any technology stack and handles their execution on almost any production environment using its state-of-the-art model execution resource management agents. It also exercises change management processes and keeps a full audit trail for production models. "We provide this solution as a cloud based SaaS application, allowing it to be adopted without the cost and complexity of setting up an on premise solution,” says Gauba. Model Controller has a centralized model repository with version control and audit management capabilities. In addition, it allows a user to easily trace a models lifecycle and performance.

Further, Cognilytics delivers a suite of Business intelligence (BI) solutions that are designed to integrate with existing decision-support applications and databases. “Our BI solutions enable data to be leveraged as strategic assets – turning data into information and knowledge. This provides a major competitive advantage to our clients,” states Gauba. The company’s next-generation data visualization practice helps clients extract significantly more value from their data by applying design thinking and proprietary methodologies. Cognilytics leverages both open source and commercial business intelligence tools in order to drive new levels of insight for its customers and business constituents.

The company firmly believes that business domain knowledge is as important as technical and analytics expertise. With this philosophy in mind, Cognilytics currently focuses its services on a few industries, including health care, financial services, retail, manufacturing, transportation, and oil and gas. This specialization has given Cognilytics the ability to better service its client base and bring in lessons learned from other industries. For example, Cognilytics recently advised a Major U.S. Hospital on a data consolidation and advanced analytics initiative. This initiative merged several data sources together in order to enable the hospital to provide a more comprehensive view of the patient. In addition to traditional descriptive reports, Cognilytics also deployed predicative models to measure the likelihood of reoccurrence of disease and survivorship. “We execute rapidly, reduce total cost of ownership through our Global Center of Excellence, and deliver solutions that the client can manage sustainable change within their organization,” says Gauba.

Gauba is enthusiastic about Cognilytics’s recent acquisition by CenturyLink. This acquisition will take the company to new heights and expand its global reach across North and South America,, Europe, and Asia Pacific and Australia. Moving forward, the company plans to launch new products in the core analytical area and continue to innovate within its existing product line.


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Gary Gauba, Chairman & CEO

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