Seagate Boosts HPC Storage and Performance with New HPC Solutions

By CIOReview | Friday, November 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Seagate has announced several new High Performance computing (HPC) Solutions, to meet the growing needs of computing applications. The three new HPC storage solutions includes: Seagate ClusterStor G200 Spectrum Scale, ClusterStor A200, and ClusterStor L300, reports Lyle Smith for

The Seagate ClusterStor G200 Spectrum Scale integrates with the Seagate’s new 3.5inch ClusterStor HPC drive, designed specifically for its high performance and scalability. The storage system is delivered in two models: 84 slots for 3.5-inch Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid state drive (SSD) in a 5U enclosure with embedded storage controllers. This 3.5-inch drive supports up to four terabytes in a single drive slot with the highest sequential data rate of 300 megabytes-per-second compared to other hard disk drive on the market. ClusterStor G200 helps data-driven enterprises to manage their massive storage growth. It occupies minimal footprint, and aids power efficiency, cooling and administrative costs, regardless of the performance.

The A200 is a tiered archive storage system, which consists of seven scalable storage units per rack with additional storage units and racks added to the storage pool. To improve the performance of computing, the migrated data from the primary tier stays online for fast retrieval. The A200 system implements the 3rd generation ClusterStor erasure, a network-based erasure coding with up to 11 nines of durability. This new and enhanced erasure code helps to rebuild failed disk by shortening the rebuild time, by improving data availability and maximizing the amount of useable storage delivered to the customer’s applications. To further enhance the durability of data in the A200 system, the ClusterStor erasure code uses a unique mechanism to prioritize the most critical data elements to rebuild, substantially improving the time required to return the system to maximum data protection.

The L300 delivers up to 112 gigabytes-per-second (GB/sec) throughput per rack and has a performance improvement, to improve the workflow productivity. The new ClusterStor L300 contains technology innovation that supports an ‘extreme mode’ with up to 448 GB/sec performance per rack, in addition to superior small file performance. This specific configuration combines Seagate’s latest Flash Memory technology with the ClusterStor L300 integrated storage solution, to provide high productivity applications with ultimate performance quality, for the most demanding requirements. The ClusterStor L300 also supports the use of Seagate’s Solid State Hybrid Drives, providing a value option for transparent small file performance acceleration. The ClusterStor L300 Lustre solution supports Object Storage Target disk pool management, which enables application consolidation within a single storage solution by providing the best performance quality of service value per individual application or workload.