Top 20 HPC Companies - 2017

The proliferation of the usage of High Performance Computing (HPC) systems beyond the scientific and academic world is quite eminent today. In the business of all sizes and types, HPC is widening its wings more into transaction processing and data warehousing. This exceptional desire for an advanced technology is empowering the users with a competitive edge in day-to-day business processes by overcoming the barriers to supercomputing in an increasingly aggressive market.

Spreading its wings into Data Storage and Analysis, Data Mining, Modelling and Software Development, HPC is instrumental in improving performance and productivity with enhanced software techniques. The HPC systems are reaping benefits of increased processing speed, reducing the cost, streamlining the processes, analyzing product development cycles within enterprises. Vendors have so far sensed these potential benefits of HPC technology and are now leveraging their expertise and experience to entice the customers with varied offerings.

With numerous HPC Solution providers in the industry today, finding the right solution is often critical for businesses. Our distinguished panel comprising of key decision makers and experts having industrial knowledge of HPC along with CIOReview’s editorial board has selected the 20 Most Promising HPC Solution Providers of 2017 offering the ability to develop innovative technologies while offering outstanding computing speed.

In our selection process, we looked at the vendors’ capabilities to fulfill the need for cost-effective and concrete solutions that add value to the HPC landscape. In this edition of CIOReview, we bring to you the “20 Most Promising HPC Solution Providers of 2017.”

Top High Performance Computing Companies

Develops GPU-accelerated platforms and solutions for semiconductor design and manufacturing

Provides a platform for individual and enterprise developers to create rich AI and ML-based experiences for consumers and employees

Developer of high-performance infrastructure software for mission critical servers

A serverless platform provider that delivers high-performance workloads at the edge

Provides High Performance Computing Services to the Commercial and Academic research community since 2005. R Systems also powers Dell EMC’s HPC Cloud Solution offering

Provides integrated in-memory data storage and in-memory computing solutions to customers who track and analyze live, fast-changing data

AMAX Information Technologies

Provides cutting-edge CPU and GPU technology in order to facilitate a broad range of highly parallel and HPC applications

Aspen Systems

Developing, building and supporting supercomputers that help solve problems and answer questions that would be impossible to address otherwise

Bright Computing

Deploy complete clusters over bare metal and managing them effectively to provide single-pane-of-glass management for the hardware, the operating system, HPC software, and users


Delivering integrated, scalable and powerful supercomputers to address the most complex computing challenges


Providing scalable, flexible market-ready solutions with latest Intel processors to readily handle compute and data-intensive workloads to drive breakthroughs faster

Fujitsu [TYOD:6702

A fully integrated and complete HPC solution stack designed to deliver application results in a shorter time

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Making supercomputing more accessible and affordable for an everwidening variety of organisations and industries

Hitachi Data Systems

Delivers a major competitive advantage with big-data analytics, complex testing simulations, and other use cases


Integrated offering combining high performance compute nodes, low latency interconnect fabric, optional high performance parallel storage, and optional system software


Improving risk analytics, shortening product development cycles, and simulating the behavior of materials at nanoscale


Delivering accelerated computing platform that gives modern data centers the power to accelerate both artificial intelligence and HPC workloads


Premier provider of hybrid scale-out NAS storage for technical computing and enterprise workloads

Penguin Computing

Providing an effective HPC cloud-based computing solution with flexible, secure and dynamically scalable environment


Provides the largest, most secure, global HPC footprint seamlessly integrated into an easy-to-use platform built for engineers and scientists