20 Most Promising HPC Solution Providers - 2019

The “Big Bang,” or the initial expansion of all energy and matter in the universe, happened more than 13 billion years ago in trillion-degree Celsius temperatures but High Performance Computing simulations make it possible to observe the occurrences during the universe’s birth. HPC systems can handle more complex queries, more variables and faster turnaround requirements.

Seymour Roger Cray, the supercomputer architect who founded Cray Research, considered by many as the father of supercomputers once said, “Anyone can build a fast CPU. The trick is to build a fast system. ” Likewise, there is great value in the ability to access large data sets, but there is additional value to the data analyst in the ability to do so with extreme speed.

HPC has also been the topic of discussion amongst corporate circles from sometime. Organizations from a variety of market segments have been leveraging HPC technologies to tackle big data analytics workloads effectively. The Internet of Things (IoT) has ushered in the age of Big Data – large volumes and disparate types of enterprise information that reaches a point where normal computing approaches no longer suffice. Whilst this is the case today, to help companies better understand, leverage and tap into their data, HPC can play a big role.

This magazine is an attempt to get the top players in this space creating a difference. We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we enjoyed putting this together.

Top High Performance Computing Companies

Arm provides a chance for kids to talk to tech leaders and help shape how technology should be built for their future

Provides GPU-accelerated solutions for semiconductor manufacturing, founding member of the Center for Deep Learning in Electronics Manufacturing (CDLe.ai)

The firm designs and manufactures high-end optical transceivers for Datacenters, HPC and Cloud providers

A provider of fiber optic components and subsystems that enable high-speed voice, video and data communication for networking, storage, and wireless applications

A global leading fabless semiconductor provider of high-performance IC based solutions for cloud computing and artificial intelligent markets

A leading semiconductor company providing secure SSDs and controller solutions for digital storage and data security applications

Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing is known for delivering applications and tools to some of the world’s largest High Performance Computing corporations, helping them enhance business efficiency and reduce operation costs

Advanced HPC

Advanced HPC has carved a niche for its product suite which comprises of High Performance Servers as well as Networking and Data Storage & Archive solutions

Cherry Servers

Cherry Servers assists small and medium enterprises by offering private and secure cloud infrastructure at an economic cost, to enable handling large workloads effortlessly


Cray has garnered immense visbility for its innovative product suite comprising of Shasta Supercomputers, Sling Interconnect, XC Series Supercomputers, as well as CS Series Cluster Supercomputers

DataDirect Networks

DataDirect Networks is known for the design, development, deployment and optimization of systems, software and storage solutions in an enterprise-specific manner

E8 Storage

E8 Storage is a preferred solution provider among enterprises seeking a solution to manage critical workloads and harnessing the benefits of analytics

Equus Compute Solutions

The firm is known for the customization and integration of white box servers and storage solutions. Equus Compute Solutions’ sophisticated systems support software-defined networking and virtualizations


Excelero has designed a unique software-defined block storage solution tailored to the requirements of the largest scale of enterprise applications

Giga-Byte Technology

Giga-Byte Technology is an industry leader in HPC, known for engineering systems with the best parallel computing capabilities aimed at empowering AI efforts

Gyrfalcon Technology

Gyrfalcon Technology has steered ahead of its competitors for developing high performance AI accelerators that consume lesser power and relatively more economical

Inspur Group

Inspur Group is China’s leading provider of cloud computing, Big Data solutions as well as IT products and services

Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading engineer of microcontroller, FPGA and power management semiconductors and serves customers across various sectors such as automotive, aerospace and defense


Nimbix has succeeded in delivering cloud computing solutions that’s faster, more powerful and less Expensive. The firm was the first to develop a cloud operating system called Jarvice

OakGate Technology

OakGate Technology is known for engineering test and validation tools for solid-state storage and trusted by top-tier component suppliers and OEMs worldwide